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Do you need relevant, engaging content? If you are looking for a reliable writer who produces top-quality content for your target audience, then you have come to the right place! Contact Joseph Redd at New Thinking Enterprises now to discuss your needs!

Joseph Redd’s writing has been featured on business blog sites like Illision Media and Taskwise. He has also written research reports for organizations like Ubiqus Reporting and the Texas Department of Insurance. Hire Joseph when you need:

Writing as Unique as Your Audience

You can expect a level of quality too few writers demand of themselves let alone for their clients. Joseph Redd produces the best content possible so that everything he writes for you deserves both of our names attached to it. He also offers unlimited revisions on every piece of content he writes for you.

Writing on Areas of Deep Knowledge

To ensure high quality writing, Joseph only creates content on topics he has experience in or has researched in detail. He produces targeted deliverables like:

  • Special reports,
  • Customer success stories,
  • In-person interviews, and
  • Web content.

Writing from Someone Easy to Work With Long-Term

New Thinking Enterprises, Inc., aims to help you grow a solid web presence, so you can rest assured that we are looking to work with you for the long haul. Customers also say good things about Joseph Redd in their testimonials. Here are just a few:

“Your [sic] doing a great job and you are doing exactly what we want…what you have done is perfect.” Kris Winchurch, Illision Media

“Joseph was our go-to guy. He knew how to get the best out of each of our team members. Joseph’s keen organizational skills kept each project on track and each of the team members focused. His total commitment team’s [sic] success was very motivating for me. Joseph’s greatest asset is what he does not have–and ego.” Connie Collora, Texas Department of Insurance

“Love your post!” Mirey H., Taskwise

“I had the pleasure of working with Joseph…He was one of the best coworkers to work with and I would highly recommend him for any job!! He was always courteous and very knowledgeable, and we miss him dearly!” Angela Arizpe, Texas Department of Insurance

“You did fantastically…We would love to bring you on officially as a freelance writer for our company.” Emily G., SR Education Group

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Now we would love to hear from you. Hate writing? No time? Why bother? Contact New Thinking Enterprises now so we can get your next campaign going. We will happily write for you!

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